Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Sunday with Bamse

070602 024
This weekend has basically revolved around good food in the company of friends and acquaintances - or well not everyone has for some odd reason a friendly disposition towards a little happy loaf doggie named Malte...

"Not everyone" in this case being a very cute softie by the name of Bamse -

Bamse being a pretty popular name for dogs and cats in Sweden. The name deriving from a charming comic about a bear by the name of Bamse who lives with his many friends in various animal-shapes and forms. And who becomes superstrong when he eats his roll-honey and then saves the world from evil. I used to love that comic when a child. It's full of moral concepts and with a certain 70ies feeling to it. And yes in some ways it's rather a political and educational comic. Or at least it was when I read it. Even though I wasn't really thinking about that at the time. Today, I have absolutely no idea how the Bamse-comics look like.
070603 005
he isn't really comfortable with other dogs and is still a bit insecure. Poor Malte even got a bit of a bloodshed by that "masterdog of the house"... He just can't understand why not every dog is completely transparent and openmindedly playful. But still, apart from that incident Malte got to run around by himself in a big garden and sampling some food - which has now left him completely exhausted and crashed out.

And his owner, undersigned, completely agree with that feeling - too much fresh air, good food and matching company, well, I guess one could say - cheers, summer is here!

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