Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two Sides of the Coin

The rain has been pouring down nonstop for about one day and night now - how befitting, I'm not the only one who's in the crying mood it seems...

It's rather obvious for most of us, that in life exists both the greatest of happiness as well as sorrow and pain. And my pain is my own, your pain is yours - by comparison with others the loss and sorrow, the grief and pain of one being can be belittled. But I really don't think one can compare sorrow like that, on a scale of appropriate grieving what grade does my loss get. What a horrible way to think!

Perspective in life is good - one reason for travelling and see other worlds, different ways of life, learning and realising new things, growing as a human being - but when it comes to sorrow, and the way we react, the way we belabour it perspective really doesn't come into the possible equation.

My view on that particular matter is, that we all have to deal with that our very own way, and it shouldn't be belittled or sniffed at - that's only done by ignorant, heartless and malignant people. People that obviously haven't been as fortunate as to experience true deep emotional bonds to any kind of living thing.

I truly believe that, even in the darkest moments in life, no matter what the cause is, there's also strength to be found. The strength, the strange blessing one might perhaps call it, being that if one can feel pain like that one is also capable of great feelings of love and happiness. Two sides of the coin of life, the two main parts of the puzzle. The way to be a complete person

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Unknown said...

My heart is breaking for you right now. Victor Frankl said that sorrow is not comparable between individuals; sorrow is felt through our entire being, it is consuming. Regardless of the event or circumstance that initiates the sorrow - it is an all-encompassing grief.

Hang in their darling, "this too shall pass."


Pia K said...

What a lovely, lovely comment, and oh so true *thanks ever so much*!!!

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