Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Thing About Shoes & Boots

070623 001
I must admit *and this is absolutely true* that I'm not all that interested in shoes and footwear, unless they scream really loudly and extraordinarily ME when I walk by the shoe shop.

I know shoes are suppose to be one of women's little special inclinations - and handbags, and there I'm hooked, I admit, but nowadays only very special ones. So really, the amount of money spent on handbags are probably less than before. Even if every new handbag in itself does cost a, um, bit more - but they're totally worth it and yes, they're an investment, and oh yes, they're classics, and oh yes they'll be by my side for ages to come. Really. - but not for me.
070624 067
I'm no shoe-junkie. And for me personally it's a bit difficult to grasp the fact that one want to lay a massive amount of money on shoes, that in some cases are very much less than comfortable, beautiful yes, make legs look fab, but nonetheless are sort of impossible to walk with classy style and in.

The walk in those shoes is more of a slouch posture of someone who desperately needs a toilet. And they will be worn out in a foreseeable future, I fail to see the long term investment potential in shoes for wear. But that's just me.

Handbags make me all giddy and happy, shoes don't. Some have done, but less and less over the years. I rarely find those shoes that cries out just to me nowadays. I'm not sure if that's a sign of me getting old? Perhaps I should possibly begin looking for shoes in seniors' shops. Shoes with a certain kind of butter dish-look to them. Maybe that's my true shoe-heaven from now on?

Just because I'm not that keen on shoes and boots, it doesn't mean the rest of the family agrees with me. I'm a bit uncertain about the high fashion factor of the red shoe and the pink boot above - the colours are quite the thing though, and I love the fairytale-design - but they're a total hit with the loaf doggie!
070623 012
Woe the one who dares to take it, he'll fight for it with that certain persistent only a terrier can up bring. He guards it at night with one eye always open. He sleeps with it as a pillow. He constantly tease whoever is around, to try and take it from him so he can show how much fight he'll put up to defend it from evil minded twoleggers.

The only thing is, the nice IKEA-price of it is accompanied by the rubbish quality. Both of them got tears after less than one hour's play, the filling came out. And doggie M isn't a very big dog with very large teeth.

But I guess this is also a very solid proof of the fact that footwear are not a very sound, long term investment. Shoes are basically just wear and tear, if you ask me. And loaf dog agrees, even if he probably won't admit to that, since he's too keen on his precious shoe-collection.


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Shoes are great! Bags too!
Don't go down the granny route, I beg you!
Is it wise to teach a dog that chewing shoes is a good thing? Even thought they are doggie toys!

Pia K said...

Promise, I won't:)

Actually that was the exact thing I thought when I first saw those toys in an IKEA-mag, not the best look & shape of a dogtoy... But it M brought them home anyway, and I suppose it's alright since Malte isn't a shoe-chewing dog in general. But still, sort of a crazy idea to make such a toy, I agree.

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