Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Toy Car vs A Good Hair Day

Today was certainly the perfect day to inaugurate The Toy Car for the season. Usually we do that in late April/early May - but due to someone losing his appendix at that time all this was a bit delayed. But today was at last The Day!

Yes I do remember, I did give M a bit of a hassle some years ago when he felt it positively necessary to get a cab, and not any cab but The Cab a k a The Toy Car. I thought it was quite hideous at first, and I really couldn't understand why one had to be seated so "below" groundlevel and what on earth is the point of driving top-less - the car not the driver or passenger...

And come to think of it, guess how many handbags one could buy for that kind of money? Maybe no more than a few Birkin bags, but still, more than one ugly little Toy Car...

But guess what, after having had the opportunity to enjoying - yes, that is the word! - some outings in the Toy Car I've fallen in love with the little-not-so-ugly-anymore-but-rather-cute-one. And I dare say, so has Elvira - the handbag - she had her first ride today and was absolutely thrilled! As you can see by the way she sort of leaning against caressing the Toy Car in the pic...

070606 017
I so cherish the cab-drives which leaves me both textually and figuratively blown away, inside out. All my problems are gone, if just for then, they're still out of sight out of mind. To be able to experience nature so close at hand without walking or biking is truly wonderful.
All the whiffs of life, grass, wet soil, flowers, hay, fumes, rain, sun, rapeseed-fields, wind, yes even manure and catpee are smells that become aromas of life once in the cab. I feel so complete and utterly alive and free - and I treasure every bit of life, of nature, of sky, of earth, of wind beside the road. Being here, being now. Living in the moment.

070606 005
But there is one thing, one really irritating thing with the Toy Car, well with every cab really - the lack of being able to present oneself with a good hairdo when getting out of the car and back into reality.
I've tried being cool and sophisticated like Audrey Hepburn with a silk scarf wrapped around my hair - either it didn't stay on or the hair was a complete scarf-head mess when unwrapped.
So I just let the hair run as free as I feel - unfortunately I always end up looking like Bridget Jones with the hair in a big hay-cock or as if I've been immersed in a bowl of butter. Getting my very own kind of natural hair wax. Either way, the glamour-factor equals zero. But really, who cares? Life's just too short to be all bothered about keeping up good-hairdo-appearance when one gets the chance to have a blown-away-drive with the Toy Car!
070606 003


Unknown said...

Vote for the Toy Car! Vote Toy Car! I actually dated that car for a minute, in red. Turned out that I liked the fast car and windblown hair much more than the actual driver... so the car had to go on it's way.


Pia K said...

ah, i suppose than an essential bit about toy cars are that you must enjoy spending time with the actual driver too, heidikins - hopefully there will be more toy car encounters to come!

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