Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stockholm galore

Oh this heat, one shouldn't complain becomes a mantra, but still all these days you're sort of paralyzed from doing things since it's so sizzling hot - and the nights when the fan doesn't do much good. Yes summer is great, sun is a great bearer of vitamins and energy, but if it leaves you exhausted and sleepless, well then it isn't all that fun...

*I shouldn't complain, I can have an outing in the Toy Car*

Today is the day of the yearly Stockholm Marathon, if your not a runner or a keen viewer perhaps you should chose another day to go into the city than today... But here comes some pics of a Stockholm in all its summer splendour - enjoy!
mat&dryck 015

070524 001
The Central station an Vasagatan overlooking parts of the Southside and Old Town
070608 018

070608 028

070608 041

070525 012
Around Nytorget, a pleasant side of town with nice cafés, restaurants and shops. But beware of the dreaded Pram Mafia that tends to hang around there...
070608 045

vår 2006 103
Taking a trip out in the Stockholm archipelago might be one way to get some fresh air and breeze, on a hot summer day
fjäderholmarna 063
...when you get back, Stockholm will still be there, waiting...


Unknown said...

Those photos are beautiful! I especially love the last one, absolutely stunning.


Pia K said...

Thank you!:)

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