Thursday, June 28, 2007

Words don't always come easy

I love the signification and sentiment of the expression "a picture speaks a thousand words" - some days all those words just aren't willing to come out and play. They just want to stay inside, have a blue day and ponder about life's, and death's, unfairness...

So today I'll let some pictures speak instead of words - there are always other views of Stockholm just begging to be shown...

070611 013
Basking in the sun at Lilla Essingen's large wood deck. What a glorious day!
070611 018
Modern living at Lilla Essingen
070611 035
Fredhäll and parts of the ring road Essingeleden
070611 040
Karlberg and the channel, rail roadtracks and the Arlanda Airport train
070619 004
Odenplan and Gustav Vasa church
070524 026
Looking down from Västerbron
070628 005
Such a privilege to be living in an apartment in such a charming old house with that kind of backyard
070628 007
Brännkyrkogatan, the southern parts of town
070619 015
Götgatsbacken, the southern parts of town, which offers not only an amazing view over Stockholm's Old Town as well as the Globe arena on the other side, but also some really nice shopping...
070619 018
...and when your feet are tired from all that walking you'll also find the best hangout for watching an amazing diversity of people - and if you're interested in that, quite a lot of local celebrity spotting can be done there - passing by outside the window at Tully's. And yes, the coffee is rather drinkable there too.


stromsjo said...

Several good photos there, Pia. Keep them coming! After all, we’re linking to you from pixels… :)

The first one from Lilla Essingen gives such a desolate feeling.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Per!

The wooden deck at Lilla Essingen was quite desolate to begin with - which gave the whole thing a pretty magical touch:)

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