Thursday, June 07, 2007

Making a decision

In my mother's shoes 2
I've wrote it before and before and probably a bit now and then before that... And I'll write it again, life is full of decisions, some more earth-shattering than others, life-overturning ones - should I say yes or no, should I accept that kind of thing or not, should I go for it or not, should I invest or not, should I make that call or not, should I fly or stay put, is it possible to make an imprint or not...

Yes there are many moments, many choices that can get you into trouble as well as get you on the right track. I'm not sure exactly where I read it, but I did read once that when you're left with two choices you should always opt for the one that gives you the most resistance, the one you have to really work for to get. Because that's also the one that in the end will make you grow as a person. That'll be the most rewarding one.

The part of the puzzle that made you a better person, a stronger, more compassionate one. I'm not sure if that's The Truth, but still it's an idea that makes one think a bit extra about the choices in life. The seemingly small as well as the bigger ones.

Right now I'm in a position of choicemaking - a luxuary problem, in every sense a true I-country problem some might call it, but still those problems are problems too. And perhaps to muse a bit about that kind of choices will leave energy-room for the more earth-shattering, life-overturning ones to come... - since I got a bit of a nice tax-refund.

I've just paid, paid and then paid some more tax for years and never gotten any refund, just the opposite. But now, at last, even the Pia tax-assessment was favourable with a silver lining. So, decisions have to be made as to what these silver coins will be spent on.

Of course I could put them into the savings account... nah... I could give them to a good charity cause... I could, I should, I ought to... No matter what income group one is in, there are always more mature, more worthy, more benign, more morally impeccable things to do with ones money.

But if one manage to put those thoughts aside for a moment or two, one can also spend that hard earned cash on oneself now and then. And I do want to spend at least part of that money on something that's a more longterm investment rather that a mere shopping spree. Here comes my list of ideas for this particular bit of Pia-cashflow:

* Camera. Yes I ought to buy a new camera, an additional one. For special occasions. I do love my current little friend who always, a l w a y s, travels with me in my handbag and gets quite the pic at the right time, in the right light, with the right motive with me behind the lens. Still, I'd like camera that takes a pic of the moment in the moment and not moments later.

A camera and its flash, that can actually handle the fact that one wants to get pics of the feline bunch indoors in bad lightings without them looking like something from outer space. And I want to go absolutely crazy with the macro-function - not semi-crazy like today.

I should have had a better camera when on safari. That still bugs me. A lot.

Am I at a moment in life where I have the inclination and time to really enjoy learning every little new technicality and finesse in a new camera? Or should I wait? For when I really, badly, must-have need one? When the price is right.

* Bicycle. I have one, I haven't used it for years. I did use it for years before that. It has served me well, but the model isn't exactly what I want anymore. My mission in getting on a bike again is by no means to get fit for the Vätternrundan. I want a comfy, unfaultering, goodlooking bike that gives me exercise and gets me where I want when I want in less time than it would take me walking.

The reason I'm even thinking about a bike is that I saw the most beautiful one in a store in the city the other week. It was painted in a modern kurbits-style and gorgeous. Me want.

But really, how much biking will I do? It works pretty well using the feet and the bus. And would I dare to park it at the station and leave it there all day? And what about the bicycle helmet, do they have one that matches the bike? And doesn't leave me with a helmet-head all day? Where will I put the helmet after I have parked the bike and using the public transportations? Will I have to carry it with me all day?

* Handbag - well, this isn't really - believe it or not! - an option this time. The summer-sales will begin in some weeks, that's a good thing. The not so good thing, in my world, is that I haven't seen any models in a must-have-colour this season that I'm willing to spend my silver coins on.

The autumn-collection though, oh my, now we're talking handbag-heaven! But that's then and not now. And since I do feel much happier when I make a bargain - everything is relative in the world of handbags - I'll wait until the wintersales to make an addition to the M-family.

* Travel-fund. But where and when? There are too many places to be seen and experienced, what to choose? And then I'll of course need spending-money. And then I'll need to make a sort of spending plan. And then most of the fun surrounding getting a bit of "unexpected" money and what to invest them in is gone...

Decisions, decisions... What would you go for? Nothing of the above? Any exciting suggestions? Feel free to share!


Anonymous said...

I think you should research cameras, find one that is perfect, then wait 6 months. In the meantime, put the money in your travel fund for someplace great, then 6 months from now buy the camera before your trip. It is most assuredly going to be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper then - so you can have both and make due with the camera you have in the meantime.

I also need/want/must have a new camera, with all the bells and whistles - plus I miss my old Minolta manual, for the reasons you've mentioned. My husband was going to get me one for Christmas, but I told him to wait for my birthday this summer. The really nice ones I was looking at are already $300 cheaper than they were in December. The next camera I have will be the last one I'll buy for many years, so it will be worth the money, but it has to be great.

Unknown said...

Oooh! Camera or travel! Definitely!


Pia K said...

Thanks for helpful comments!

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