Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome June

Time flies and now it's already June - summer has officially come to Sweden! Looking out the window it doesn't seem very summer-like, in fact this past week has been pretty awful weatherwise, dull, grey, cloudy, windy, headachy, jawtensy, nearly-raining-but-not-really... And the first of June seems to be carrying on that same weather.

But despite this horrible weather, I'm rather spry and expectant today, 'cause I'm going to the Umbies-show! And we have really good seats. As far as I know this is their first time in Sweden so it's a bit special in more than one way. For those of you who thinks Umbies is a new kind of miracle underwear or perhaps a new cat-breed, have a look at The Umbilical Brothers website for more limber information

Before that we're going to have a nice (I hope) meal at a Greek restaurant. I've had a dinner or two at that restaurant about 15 years ago - yet again proof of how time flies... - I think it was pretty nice then, it'll be interesting to see if it's as good as reviews say today.
The menu looks mouthwatering, I'm not at all a starter-kind of person, since I most definately want a dessert to round the meal off - and of course a good dessertmenu is the true sign of a high quality restaurant! - and I really don't want to steel the show from the Umbies by making weird noices or even more gross things during the performance. Still that brandered halloumi starter sounds tantalizlingly good...

And while I'm away from home, maybe this weather is just perfect to bring out all these strange and fantastic creatures in the garden, the ones that don't want to be seen by most humans and only the rarest kind of cat... I'm rather uppish about the fact that I once managed to catch that in a photo!

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