Thursday, September 10, 2009

all the pretty houses


A not so bold guess is that most everyone living in a city has favourite spots regarding architecture and ambiance (smultronställen, places of wild strawberries). As well as not. I quite like my own rural suburb, which offers the best of both worlds. But another suburb - closer to the city, with parts overall posher than mine, lots of lovely looking villas but with quite a varied suburbscape still - I really enjoy is the idyllic parts of the borough Bromma.


I have no idea if it's a happy, pleasing suburb with good neighbours to live in, I would presume that it has both its pros and cons in people and features like most places have, but what it does have is a totally irresistable charm and blend of overall well kept apartment buildings and stylish wooden villas, it's lush and seemingly peaceful.


And it isn't all that far fetched to believe in a notion that living in beautiful, colourful, lush surroundings makes for happier, harmonious, more content people. Generally thinking of course.


If you lived there you'd get to commute with the sweet Nockebybanan tram (which granted I so much preferred when it was an old style tram and not a modern train) and your local bakery - café could possibly be one of my (not so often visited, which probably is a good thing really...) café spots, Gateau.


That said, one of my favourite sights in Bromma is still this row of colourful, happy vibey houses that somehow screams British but with a Swedish (colours!) twist. If it's possible to be in love with buildings, I'm very, very much smitten by these particular houses...



A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Pia!
I had to come visit the blog of a fellow veggie, colour-wearing fan of A Room with a View !! And I discover you adore cats too and you even have a dog.... perfect!
This row of houses is delightful, I love the colours, very Autumnal. And 4 years of blogging? I think that's the most I've ever come across - huge CONGRATULATIONS to you. And I adore the photo of the cat & window cleaner, it makes me smile.
Have a super weekend. We're off to visit our local restored railway station & hopefully have a short trip on a steam train!
Denise x
I'll be back!!

P.K said...

These certainly bright and happy looking houses, I've always wanted to live in that type of neighbourhood. Where I live, if anyone is repainting the colour is taupe! taupe and taupe or taupe and black. Scary.

Erica said... Bromma anywhere near Spånga? I lived in Spånga for a few months when I was a child and these photos have a very deja-vu quality to them for me.

Beautiful photos, beautiful area! Now if only I can convince my husband that we should really be moving to Sweden....these photos may help!

Cheers! or, should I say "Skål"?

Dana said...

Lovely houses, seems to be a very nice place to live in.

Richard Lawry said...

I love the colors. Very beautiful.

An Arkies Musings

Pia K said...

i found it quite, quite (great) fun that there is someone else out there (blogging) with the same flairs as i, denise, happy to have found you:) hope your steamtraintrip was a good one, thanks for your congrats (hm, four years of blogging, is that a long time, i didn't think so), kind comments and well wishes!

brr, taupe certainly doesn't sound fun at all, p.k. clearly the colour squad need to make a by night visit with paint and brushes in you neighbourhood...;)

glad to be of any service, erica;) bromma is not all that close to spånga, not too far like on the other side of town either, but i think that certain areas within the two neighbourhoods might have been built during the same era. pretty, moodlifting and welcoming they are i think.

thanks, danangib, yes from what i've seen i think it looks like that. hopefully looks aren't decieving in this case.

thanks, richies!

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