Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kiehl's essence oils


I (mostly) heart Kiehl's and
in this cute little bag hides...


these wonderful essence oils - grapefruit, coriander, musk - that definitely fall into the great-gifts-category. Rather ridiculously expensive in Sweden, this sweet scented gift was kindly brought from far far away.

A surprising triplet (grapefruit was my only wish) in a cute package, ah I was very pleased indeed. The grapefruit scent has a wonderful swoon factor - as pamplemousse scents often have - the coriander is almost as perfect, I've never liked musk scents - even if synthetic to my nose that scent is foul, repulsive giving me an impression of something, someone unhealthy and unfresh - but I find this particular version to be somehow milder and well, acceptable. Far from sure it's a keeper for self though.

The only drawback to these pretty triplets, and a rather major one at that, is that the scents are quite, quite volatile. Which means I won't be investing in - or pretty please asking for - refills when they have been all used up. Which is indeed unfortunate for such wonderful scents ~



A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, I do love grapefruit scent! It is so inspirational ! I imagine coriander must be lovely too, but like you I would have to leave the musk well alone...
Have a great week
Denise x

Poppy Q said...

I used to be into essential oils a few years ago, but now only use them in my candle infuser as I find them too strong.

I am in love with my Kobo candle, which is the Vanilla Citris Zest scent. It smells of vanilla, grapefruit and magnolia. Just devine!! I wish I could get it in scent form!!

Pia K said...

oh yes, inspirational is the word, denise, i wonder what that is? i used to have a (impossible to find again, sigh) splendid pamplemousse scented candle that was just heavenly.

wow, that kobo candle sounds just up my alley, julie, what a wonderful combo!

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