Thursday, September 24, 2009

clever cat thursday - living in a box


A perfect example of one scene that might meet me in the morning; in the middle of the living room, one rather large madam thinking this papery accomodation is top notch for splendid furry creatures - this particular compact living is a box from 'Kivik's cider factory, from the heart of Österlen' one gorgeous part of Scania, the very south of Sweden, a place I surely wouldn't mind living in. If I could take Stockholm with me. But that's another story.

Still lack a perfectly conceivable answer to the attraction between (the smaller the better) boxes and cats.

And as usual when there's a box that's indwelled - there's always someone waiting to make a sneaky takeover.



A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Pia
Don't they always want the box which another cat is enjoying already?!
My 2 cats have a favourite paper carrier bag at the moment - one nestles inside and the other pounces on top of it - great fun!
Happy weekend to you
Denise x

Anonymous said...

LOL! Clever cat. Cute cat.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

What is it about cats and boxes??! One of mine isn't overly bothered, but the other one (the BSH) has to investigate each and every single box that comes into the house... ;)

Pia K said...

that sounds fun, for a cat, indeed, denise! i love how inventive they are with everyday, simple things cats - actually that should be inspirational for us all:)

thanks, paz!

i have a sneaky suspicion that boxy stuff might appeal extra to a boxy bodied bsh, afos, what do you think about that theory...:)

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