Monday, September 28, 2009

monday musings

:: The countdown for last day in class that has turned me into a computer wiz - not really, but it has been overall great fun, interesting and I would now love to get into practising the whole shebang for real - has finally begun. Friday is class out. It has been intense and I'm so tired, inside out. Maybe I'm a wuss, but absorbing new stuff, cramming information and problem solving pretty much every day 11 weeks straight has left me rather washed out and I'm so looking forward to the upcoming weekend of deep sleep already.

And after deep sleep, for whom it may concern, there will be a lot of catching up on email replies and such.

:: The cold a few weeks back came and went without too much fuss. For tin can me it was a ridiculously light kind of cold. Touch wood. Wee piglet visit perhaps.

:: Wanted - one pair of red leggings last seen on August 31st 2009. I've looked everywhere, yes I have, clean laundry piles, laundry basket, wardrobes, hangers, nondescript piles, they are nowhere to be found. Please come home. The sooner the better. Preferably the very now.

:: Every weekday morning I am amazed - in the very very non positive way - over all the sluggish high school kids who instead of walking for five minutes (at the most) to get from the train station to their school, stand waiting (yes) for the bus that will take them one bus stop to the high school. The only disability they show is insufficient brain function, indolent jerks. Just ridiculous beyond belief really. And I bet they don't eat their five veggies a day either.

In my school days we did walk five miles one direction in blizzards. With no shoes on.

Not really. But we did walk. A lot. And there was just not thought of to take the bus, train, tram whatever when one could walk or ride the bike.

:: I do believe my (very pre-birthday) treat of a pedicure tomorrow is very well deserved. Oh the delight of someone else doing the scrubbing, the foot filing, the massaging, the pampering. Pure bliss of the tired feet kind.

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