Sunday, September 27, 2009

stripey woolly leg warmers


Not quite like the original stripy sweetheart (turned canvas), but still I am rather pleased with the outcome of these crocheted legwarmers in wool.

Despite them being back in some people's wardrobes for some time now, myself I haven't sported legwarmers since the eighties. As long as it took me to accept the reinstatement of leggings - me now think they are brilliant worn right -, it took me even longer to warm up to the idea of making leg warmers to actually wear again.


But I thought these simple ones would be a nice, quick project - and a naturally good excuse for getting some new yarn - that could be whipped together in front of the telly. (And yes I did decide on yarn and made them way before the matching shoes entered my world actually.)

And they did turn out to be just that, super simple to make I think they'll be a rather nice and perky addition to autumn/winter wardrobe. I hereby declare October to be the perfect month for the inauguration of leg warmers on Pia ~



Anne said...

Oooh! Very, very, very pretty!! :)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh my! They are some truly lovely leg warmers!! And the matching shoes.... I am very impressed. Shame I am illiterate with regards crochet patterns......
D x

Wendy said...

They are adorable! Wish I could knit now! A project for a less busy winter, I think. :)

Catherine said...

Wonderful! Love them! Wish I could carry them! You look fab in them however.

heidikins said...

Gasp! For cute! I love that they match the shoes so well, and I will fully support your decision to make October the month for leg warmers. ;o)


Lola Nova said...

They are amazing!

Pia K said...

thanks, anne, glad you think so!

thanks, denise, oh go ahead, have another try at crocheting, it's so easy and superfun once you get the hang of it!

thanks, wendy, it's so relaxing too - perfect for a busy time i'd say, since it forces you to get that much needed wind down...:)

thanks, catherine, very kind of you to say so:)

ah, thanks for that support, heidikins! still haven't worn them out and about, must make amend me thinks...:)

thanks, that so kind of you to say so, alex!

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