Tuesday, September 29, 2009

top three conditioners


ongoing paw approval of conditioners

From all years using conditioners (teens until now) I can safely say that not many have been much to neither cheer nor write blog about. For me a top notch conditioner should practically have a detangling effect just by the hair getting a sniff of the bottle content. Suffice to say, not a lot have passed that test with flying colours.

But there were two, now three, conditioners that pass my discerning conditioner demands. Two, now three, conditioners I keep returning to over the years (even if they certainly don't keep me from trying out others for a change now and then in the hope of making the top conditioner's list longer);

1) Paul Mitchell Detangler - containing carrots, so of course it's a winner, need not say more.

2) Aussie Miracle Moist - this one even smells lovely and uplifting containing macadamia nut and other Australian natural goodies.

3) Björk & Berries birch apple - that this conditioner with a simply amazing fresh green apple scent was so incredibly good, kind and detangling for my hair, leaving it soft, shiny and with a whiff of fresh from the apple tree scent, was rather a surprise I have to admit. And a 300 ml bottle lasts, only a dollop gives a great untangle effect when used combing through with fingers only.

Since as much as I adore many of this fab Swedish natural essences brand's skincare products finicky me am usually rather hesitant to use something other than hair salon products on my wisps. The track record for non salon haircare products fails to impress undersigned's hair. But as usual give me an irresistible scent and I'm yours, or well, you are so welcome to come home with me. If you're a candle or skincare-perfume product that is.


This is a sadly very empty bottle. Imagine it filled with creamy pale, pale green conditioner with the mood lifting fragrance of crisp, juicy green apples.
Do you have any favourite conditioners you'd like to share or recommend?


Hawk and Weasel said...

Och bara namnet Björk and Berries liksom!
Å I wish att det fanns i Tyskland!

Pia K said...

jamen visst är det ett fantastiskt namn! du får helt enkelt köpa på dig lite produkter nästa gång du är i sverige (fast jag tycker det är bra märkligt att det verkar vara segt med utlandslanseringen...) :)

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Poppy Q said...

They all sound lovely, and I can't get any of them in New Zealand. So I stick with a combination of either Dove or Pantene conditioners. I have to have about 4 different types on the go at once, and use a different one each day.

Pia K said...

that's nice to hear, the daily reviewer, thank you!

you should be able to get at least aussie in nz, julie, it sounds weird that they wouldn't sell to its 'neighbour', but perhaps it's a salon brand and not easily found. i'm usually like you, use different ones at the same time, well different days, but you know.

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