Sunday, September 13, 2009

the letter writing swap

I've joined the letter writing swap over at "A Bun Can Dance" have you?

Feeling pretty excited about it since I used to be (days long gone sadly) a massive letter writer with penfriends all over the world (as well as writing to friends and relatives nearby). I had a serious case of the writing bug back then, as I do now, but in a different context (and handwritten on pretty, pretty paper).

Apart from emails, postcards (yes, still, very much do those!) and the very occasional, but shortish letter I may rather use blogging as a letter writing substitute. Addressed to the world instead of someone particular. That obviously plays a part in keeping the writing bug in reasonably order.

But still, now and then I miss sending and receiving the handwritten on pretty stationary letter... Do you?


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Pia
Thank you for posting about the swap - I am delighted! You are a star to do this, and I really appreciate it!
Big hugs coming your way
D x

P.K said...

Receiving letters, cards and postcards is always a pleasant surprise in the mail, rather than the usual bills. However, I find it difficult to write newsy, funny letters.

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