Friday, September 18, 2009

three local waterholes, part I - Öråker Lada


Now, let me finally properly introduce the first of three local waterholes in my rural suburb - all three of these waterholes have opened up pretty recently, all of them includes cafés but their opening hours and offerings apart from the café-bit are quite different, so hopefully there is room for all three of them to stay in prosperous business - Öråker Lada (lada = barn).


Apart from the sweet, unpretentious little café the barn is also home to different kinds of creative businesses; furniture (import and tapestry), antiques, pottery (and classes), photography, art, jumble sales, yoga, meditation and massage and there's room for more (and private functions). Sometimes one can find small amounts of locally produced organic food at the barn and they also host different exhibitions, lectures and happenings.

Easiest way to get there is certainly by car, walking seems quite dull but weather permitted the best (exercise and views) way to get there is of course by bicycle. (Preferably a pink one, with ladybug bell and sunflower garland basket. )

the cheese sandwiches on homebaked bread are just perfect
the antique shop
cinnamon bun and berry pie,
so well deserved after a bike ride in head wind
the café

Öråker Lada,
Open Sat - Sun 11-16
(11 am-4 pm)


Dana said...

That's a lovely place to spend few hours, drinking a coffee and eating some cakes and then digging into the antique shop, so relaxing ....

Poppy Q said...

What a sweet looking cafe, with lovely things to buy.

Pia K said...

yes, danangib, it really is, unpretentious and cute, me likes:)

it is, julie, and simply inspirational when the wallet says no. but coffee and cake is of course obligatory:)

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