Saturday, September 19, 2009

el naturalista iggdrasil oxfords


As it happened, just because my poor, aching and discerning left foot was in desperate need of (seasonal) change - and I really didn't have the heart to leave the right foot without a matching one - some new shoes have moved in.


I had planned to get a new pair of comfy autumn shoes (before this painful business began), but well, who can say firmly 'no, just one pair' to feet who screams 'pain' and 'change'? I might be a big softie, because I clearly can't.

Two pairs were really just rekindling with familiar models (nothing wrong with that of course) - and as one was on sale and one was bought for the refund for the still mourned faulty yellow pair that doesn't strictly count as anything than a shoe re-investment rather than an actual buy. Perfect woman logic - but the el naturalista iggdrasils I had ogled for a long time and when I tried the oxfords on (had to go up one size though) they were just incredibly comfortable, supportive and kind to feet. Hence had to have.


After having worn them two days in a row, walked a lot (without socks/tights, no blisters, touch wood) I think they're simply lovely. They render a very springy walk while hugging my feet in a lovingly still giving room for movement way. I'm especially fond of the very soft, sturdy and shock absorbing heel area.

Now I just hope the feeling from these first couple of wear-days will be a true sign of quality and comfort to last. Touch wood. Again.

They will also look pretty awesome with some nifty socks.

Last, but not least, I do love their quirky, cute looks - very 'me' some would say - (that might look rather clownish on a very short person), the round and slightly uppish toes, the recycled soles, the craftsmanship and despite so not being a purple person, I totally dig their gorgeous, moodlifting somewhere between wine-red and purple hue. I believe happiness can sometimes be found in a pair of (comfortable) shoes.



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

never mind the eco content - fantastic colour!

heidikins said...

Oooooooh!! Those are adorable! Love 'em!


Anne said...

Oh, ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!! I love those!!!

Poppy Q said...

Very cute Miss P.

I always wear flattish shoes now, my feet can't stand heels. I do wear a lot of Keen shoes, as they are the most comfortable I can find.

I hope these ones last better than the yellow shoes, although they were awfully cute too.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE these shoes! ;-)


Pia K said...

thanks, afos, heidikins, anne, paz, glad to be of happy service!;)

julie, so far they're rather amazing, i do hope they'll last a whole lot better than the yellow ones yes (still mourn the though... more about them later. again). i don't think keens are common in sweden, i see some models there i can definitely see for myself. as well as other certainly not. but that goes for el naturalista too, i do adore many models and the overall style, but some shoes are just plain boring and some doesn't fit my feet and feel.

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