Wednesday, September 02, 2009

dinner, dessert and roses


On a rather gloomy September Wednesday the inhabitants of this household enjoyed a pretty delicious dinner and dessert. Courgette-tomato-carrot-gratin.


Rhubarb toffee (or at least so the recipe states, me I'm not sure about the appropriateness of such a name for that concoction)

And the flowerbed still offers a surprising, delightful plethora of roses in bloom or bud. Summer lingers on. So pleased am I.



Robert said...

A rhubarb toffee? It looks more like a mousse. Either way it all looks delicious!

Pia K said...

thanks, robert. well, i did think the name of the dish was way off target, but worth a go anyway (for this season's last rhubarb). rhubarb mousse is of course much more appropriate:)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

lucky household inhabitants!

Pia K said...

yes we were, afos, especially with the main dish as it happened.

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