Thursday, September 03, 2009

thursday thought overturns

:: Was fortunate to share seats on train home today with the most adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback girl, 1,5 years old and such an irresistable, gamine, happy sweetheart. She apparently accompanied owner to her job at posh Stockholm department store every day where she had the best of times. Talk about company perk, such workplaces are totally enviable and too, too rare. Pleasantly surprised that that store of all places had such generous dog policies for employees.

Such little encounters really brighten up the day. A really nice round off to my-commuting-day. Which began quite in the other end of pleasantness.

:: Both train and bus were full of screaming school kids this morning. Accompanied by teachers who clearly don't embrace the word discipline in their vocabulary. Instead they just sit smiling in a not-all-hens-in-the-henhouse unworldly way, while the rest of the passengers try to escape to a calmer corner of the carriage.

When did things went so completely and utterly wrong with Swedish schools, discipline and overall common sense consideration? When I was a kid - which isn't all that long ago in the bigger picture. Really - the teachers, with few exceptions, did keep order in class and when on school trips and outings. And guess what, there was most always a bus pre-reserved for such trips(since the busdrivers repeatedly urge the today's teachers to do just that when the kids rampage the buses, I'm boldly guessing that option is still available).

Basic simple consideration should be as natural today as it was then. Instead there's just too much lost connections and glitches in brains of today.

:: I heart "Little Britain". The multilayered thoughtprovoking blend of mundane freaky (in real life existing in one shape or other) characters and phenomenas, with the horrific, borderline hilariously disgusting storylines is simply brilliant. People who are willing to flaunt their imperfections like this while making fun of themselves and others quirks and flaws are so admirable.

Currently they're bringing culture class and dignity to the US of A on Swedish television. Love it.

:: Why do teenage girls look like clones these days? At least the Stockholm teenage girls, they seem strangely void of personality and character, they look the same, they act the same, they talk the same. Huzzah for the exceptions to the clone-rule!

:: I've alwaysish thought it prudent when one finds a garment of some sorts one really loves, for some reason or other, one should get more of the same model (within reason and if possible of course). Just to avoid any regrets when a perfect model is discontinued (I'm thinking the obvious example for gals being the hard-to-find-the-perfect-fit/model bra) and why spend money and time looking for second best fit when one can get the best fit in different colours?

That said being true to the notion I got three really sweet, soft and comfy, perfect for any occasion shortsleeved cardigans on end-summer-sale. In a bamboo-viscose blend (one off-white, one pale pink, one dark grey) they've all been a source of comfort and joy.

As I've never worn anything bambooish before I was very careful following the washing instructions for the first-in-washing-machine-cardigan to the letter. But when hang to dry I was in dispair since it had seemingly stiffened and shrunk to this ridiculous almost-doll-size cardigan. Whatever should I do with the other two when washing?

As it turned out, when the cardigan had dried it, quite magically, returned to its original size, its original sweetest softness again. The strangest and luckiest thing.

:: Really wholeheartedly enjoying this latest class with Dreamweaver. Discovered I unknowingly already knew most of the stuff (at the same time as I get answers to those little things here and there I've wondered about. I e getting a completeish grasp of useful nerd terms), but now I have it 'on paper' as well.

Admitting to this I realise I'm most probably way behind in being a cool, trendy on the edge computer savvy type, so be it, I chose to ignore while not so secretly flaunt that imperfection by saying that Dreamweaver rock my world. At least in a not-hugely-worldturning-but-still-pleasantly-uplifting-and-most-enjoyable-way.

:: Besides I belong to the (not so long ago really) 'generation' that thought writing one's uni degree finishing essay on an electric typewriter was the very essence of up-to-date-progress. Not only thought actually, it was. For a short while yet.

When I got round to wrapping up the whole thing - 'the thing' being a go through and analyze of the Swedish fiscal offence legislation. Oh my, does that seem eons away... - for a graduation I had turned computerized (übercool, my middle name). To be able to actually layout and presenting an essay in the ways offered by Word back then was, well... pretty darn cutting edge. Actually.

Not so long ago.

:: Have been experiencing intense, painful problems with left foot plantar fasciitis. I very much and completely blame a particular pair of shoes. What-began-as-not-cheap-new-favourite turned out to be less-than-up-to-usual-standard-quality ones (note i m m e n s e disappointment).

I'm able to make a complaint and get a new pair of shoes (if size and colour still available, touch wood), still, who knows when pain will subside, ah and my disappointment, the battered trust in the brand.

Goes to show with perfect and painful clarity, never trust a seemingly trustworthy brand to always fullfill your search (and dream) of the perfect shoe.

:: Where did this past week go? Can't grasp the fact that it's borderline Friday already. I'm very much leaning towards unplanning of weekend plans. It would be rather wonderful to just have a really laid back-sleeping-reading-watching-movies-weekend. And possibly some weather permitted biking of course.

That is, if computer says yes.


Pina said...

Oh, I am sure that computer can wait until Monday. :) Happy weekend!

Pia K said...

thanks, pina, i hope you had a good one too!

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