Sunday, September 06, 2009

the only shoes...

IMG_3680 achy left foot/heel allows me to wear at the moment. So thank goodness for them. The only ones which offer pain relief and support with the proper height of heel.

Unfortunately what I truly thought was to be another favourite pair of shoes, same brand as the only ones I wear now, the lovely mustardy yellow ones (El Naturalista Recyclus Ella) which I initially had so much fun and good walks in, turned out to be a defect pair. Well, the left shoe was, when the right one was perfectly comfortable the left one stretched itself in strange ways leaving absolutely no foot support at all leading to this darn nuisance of plantar fascitiis.


Sadly back to the shop they had to go, refunded, I had hoped it would be possible to get another pair in yellow, because it was the colour that first made me covet them. Alas no such luck, sold out they were. I'm feeling more than a dash sad about that. Allow me to mourn the found and lost shoes a while.

I'm not all happy about wearing the same shoes every day, as I believe both feet and shoes need a rest from the same ol' ruts, but unfortunately the physical pain of wearing anything else than these greenies is simply unbearable. I hope I'll find another similar pair soon, suitable for cooler days to come. But most of all I do hope this left foot pain will go its own way and not mine for much longer.

Alas my mood these days is rather grumpy, uninspired, and yes, I do mourn the yellow ones that showed so much promise, hopefully another pair of them can be mine one day.

Thanks for letting me growl, blog.


Poppy Q said...

Oh no Miss Pia. I loved your yellow shoes, and was soooo jealous of them, and wanted a pair just like them.

Alas I am relegated to the flat shoes too, and tend to wear lots of pairs of Keens, as they are comfy and don't irritate my feet.

Good luck with your shoes, and I hope your find some that are both comfortable and gorgeous.

Julie and Poppy Q

Pia K said...

thanks, julie, some might say it's silly, but i'm just so saddened by the fact that i had to return these lovelies, sigh. my problem at the moment is that i can't wear flats, they hurt like **** and i need a shoe-heel in the perfect height to unburden my poor heel.
the right and supportive shoe is so important! and personal. strange one didn't realise that until now...

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