Friday, September 11, 2009

woolly yarn delight

'Tis the season for woolly projects, and as much as I'm struggling with accepting that summer is fading, that one thing is something I take great joy in. To be able to knit and crochet in woolly yarns again. And drink lots of tea. And light more candles.


Above pink wool and mohair yarn I've already begun crocheting with, it'll hopefully be turned into a most delightful large flower shawl.

Below is four gorgeous balls of alpaca yarn (baby pink, lime green, orange, old pink), my very first use of alpaca actually and it feels so soft and sweet and the pattern I've chosen for the foursome looks incredibly cute and unusual and I'm sure it'll be quite extraordinary to both work with and a most pleasing, uplifting end result.


As I am feeling a bit under the (Autumn) weather (sigh, but no 'oink') I fear the rather awesome weekend plans might be in danger of cancellation. If so, I at least have a lot of grand yarns to find comfort in.

Have a splendid weekend ~


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