Monday, September 21, 2009

the winners of the whisks


This isn't a fabulastic new movie nor is it a grandiose on the rise band (at least I don't think so), no this is the not so simply revealing of the three recipients of the miniscule wire whisks.

The three winners are as follow - but first some glimpses of the pretty exciting drawing, the pictures just don't do the whole hullabaloo justice, take my word for it, excitement galore only begins to explain the thrill ~

can we pleeeease begin now
the drawer who could barely curb her enthusiasm
even one squirrel visitor wanted to be part of the flush

And the paws say the distinguished winners are *ta-da* ;
I hope you'll like the wee whisks that are coming your way soon, if you could please e-mail me with your snail mail info and maybe mention which colour you prefer (orange, purple, red), hopefully you have different preferences, and the whisks will be sent asap.

And of course, thank you all for kind and sweet comments about my first attempts on wire work!


Wendy said...

Hoooray! What a wonderful way to start my day. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you! Please give an extra treat to the drawer for me. ;-)))

Paz (very excited)

Pia K said...

glad to be of happy whisk service, wendy!

will do, paz, will do:)

Hawk and Weasel said...

Hurra! Min turdag idag!

Pia K said...

kul att du känner så, h and w:)

the whisks will be on their way, better late than never, this weekend. hope you all find some useful (well...) way to... 'use' them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pia!

Paz *excited*

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