Monday, September 28, 2009

the teabook


As inconceiveable as it may seem, some places (non payment of course) do offer very less than drinkable teas. Then this nifty little thing called a tea book come handy for having your own personal preference drinkable tea with you crush safe at all times.

I got my cutie in this Etsy shop - because it was not only very appealing to the eye, its name 'the naturalist' naturally spoke to me, not only on a shoe level. And I got some nice crafter's favourite complimentary teabags. Plus the amount of time it would take me to create something remotely similar would be a whole lot of waste - but there are other shops offering similar tea books and of course, for the friendly with the sewing machine it is a doable project.


~ Happy tea drinking galore day!

- myself I am just about to get my first cuppa of the day (late I know), leaning towards cherry flavour to perk this Monday morning up.

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