Saturday, September 26, 2009

strawberry in champagne and other marzipan delights


This Danish sweet treat is really something I shouldn't like at all, since it consists of three things I (my tastebuds) do not like;

:: marzipan - until ten something years ago I didn't eat marzipan at all, I found it quite repulsive, as far as my tastebuds were concerned marzipan fell into the category of inedible/indrinkable things (like beer, capers, egg yolks, olives, sundried tomatoes, wine and such). I totally blame Anton Berg for my nowadays not so reluctant attitude towards marzipan.
:: chocolate creams containing liqueur
:: dark chocolate - usually bitter nastiness compared to the smooth lovliness of milk chocolate as far as I'm concerned.

But I do like it. Quite a lot. Not that they are a regular part of my daily diet or sweet intake (honestly), but when I on the odd occasion have them these Danish fruit-jam liqueur marzipan covered in dark chocolate discs from Anton Berg are just... lovely.

These delicious discs come in six different flavours; Plums in Madeira, Strawberry in Champagne (my favourite since they sadly no longer carry the fab flavour of Kiwi in Cognac), Apricot in Brandy, Cherry in Rum, Grape in Muscat Wine (boring) and Rasberry in Orange Liqueur.


Needless to say obviously, this is a highly recommended sweet treat. And as one or possibly two discs are quite satisfying as far as sweet teeth are concerned they also get thumbs up when it comes to no danger of over-indulgence.

If I could find one or two drawbacks they are that
A) they come in boxes AND individually wrapped and that seems rather wasteful,
B) despite their delicate content they do not make for very good pictures.

But oh, do they taste good. Oh yes they do.

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