Monday, January 03, 2011

crafty kitchen thoughts

When Christmas was over I was quick in turning kitchen table into an artsy crafty mini studio. I totally have a good sized room for a craft studio, but I have big big plans for turning it into a more inspiring room and at the moment it's more of a storage room. With plans. It's also a very very cold room this time of the year, with energy saving being a must I really can't put the heat on in there and besides it's much more cosy, though tad inconvenient with all the little paw helpers roaming, being in middle of chaos, close to kettle, fridge, music and company.


What I have most loved about these couple of weeks free of musts and engagements is that I have actually finished some projects and ideas semi-finished for a long time. I am about to finish some more of them. I have also both begun and completed other yarn projects (with varied result satisfaction, but still, from start to finish in a most reasonable timespan). And I'm very much looking forward to start working on some new ones.

new magical socks #twitterjynta

Also, perky green Evert and red star angel bowl Angel have become the nuttiest of friends.

Many a loose (yarn) end have been tied. And teacups drunk.

It's really been the best kind of loafing in this house (and now I'm not talking about the loafie in a Christmas cap). I am also planning for projects to bring to the next Twitter-junta. How I hope this have been a good re-charging of batteries for the initial weeks, months in this new year to come. A year when good changes will come, need to come.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Pia, what a lovely crafty kitchen you have got. Evert is gorgeous.

nina said...

Oh, vad du är duktig! Himla fin bild på strumporna och dina ben.

Och den där grodan är så himla himla söt!

heidikins said...

I love all the colors!! Fantastic!


Vin said...

Wow! So pretty!
Creativity at its best :)


Pia K said...

thank you kindly all!!

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