Thursday, June 23, 2011

berlin revisited


A short work break to just say that the closer I get to actual vacation mode the happier I am that we decided to make Berlin our main holiday destination this year too.


I'm sad that my Berlin friend and her family will be away on holiday elsewhere at the time, it would be so nice to meet again and not let another 10 years pass between our dates. But I am still so looking forward to the breakfasts at Café im Literaturhaus, the walking, the exploring, the photographing, the savouring of atmosphere, the gems, the shoe sales, the great vegetarian food, the clearing of mind away from the everyday treadmill, the cafés, the peoplewatching, the food for thought. The city of many faces.


I am so grateful that I'm able to now and then get away like this. From all treadmill nuiscance and everyday stupidity, getaways are a bliss on so many levels. Gratitude.



Where are you spending your summer holiday this year?
And if you care to share your favourite places in Berlin,
oh, I wouldn't mind if you did...


Fuzzy Tales said...

I remember your holiday last year, so am looking forward to more adventures and photos. I have to live vicariously through bloggers who travel. LOL.

I probably missed the dates of your vacation--I haven't been keeping up with anyone, while Dad is here--but I wish you a *fabulous* trip!

P.K said...

Oh how splendid, a return to Berlin. Alas I already had my getaway for the year. I look forward to seeing your photos. Cheers. Happy Midsummer.

oniromancja said...

I'm actually a big fan of Berlin. I've been there once, it was previous summer holiday and it was oh-my-god amazing. I love the whole Berlin and I couldn't type only one favourite place.

JKB said...

I live in Berlin, and I love your blog!

I hope you have a great time when you visit us!

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