Sunday, June 19, 2011

the curious pebble project


When I was little I remember old folks using different weighty objects as a way to keep the outdoors table cloth in place on table. The weighty objects (smaller stones, marbles, glass) were often covered by little crocheted "bags" with a string and a clip-on to attach to the corners of the table cloth. Pretty little everyday things.


Over the years those home/handmade table cloth weights have been replaced by boring steel clip-ons, plastic weights and yes, some fancy design pieces too (I remember having coveted some large cement rabbits weights years ago).

When I first spotted some pretty crocheted stones on Etsy a few years ago I immediately thought of those handmade table cloth weights, albeit those were often of the smaller pebble kind. I have since only admired them at a distance - and strangely enough I've never really thought of making some myself, I still don't, I don't feel an urge as one often do with yarn, this is a pretty creativity I'm just happy to leave to other's sweet talents - but was of course very happy when one of the magic perky mushroom receivers said she wanted to send me one.


One that turned out to be three - but as three is a lucky number I'm certainly very happy with that - in happy, perky colours. It's such a crazy - good crazy of course - thing to be sending stones by mail. And good crazy things need to be appreciated in blog. Hence this little post. About the project, which crocheter Julianna named "The Curious Pebble Project". She does not only sell the stones in her Etsy-shop, to feed her creativity she also leaves crocheted stones on the beach, for people to find and enjoy. Something which I, needless to say, wholeheartedly think is a lovely thing to do. More yarny matters to the world!


When the stones arrived they were first dutifully inspected and sniffed by loaf dog. 


Then the three perky stones were claimed by three bobbaloos. Three colour-matching bobbaloos of course. Yes, if you haven't guessed by now, we are all indeed very colour-matching conscious in this household.


Buddernut and the curious orange stone


Phalpha and the curious yellow stone


Darlin' Chubs and the curious pink stone

The stones are now happily resting in their perky li'l sweaters on the red kitchen buffet. Thank you for sending them, Julianna, they are lovely pieces of nature and human creativity combined ~



Elephant's Child said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Quirky pieces of fun. Which the world is often sadly lacking.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Such a cute idea. I bought myself a crochet hook and some yarn the other day, now just have to figure out how to make one useful with the other!

Unknown said...

Oh! MY! I never expected... I didn't mean... I just wanted you to have... LOOK how cute those Bobbaloos are!!!

I'm speechless.

Oh my goodness. Thank you.

Spa Days Vouchers said...

wow! how cute. its my first time to stumble across your blog and i had fun reading and seeing your projects!! hoping to learn more from you! great stuff.

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