Thursday, June 02, 2011

the long weekend's thursday

shoe per diem, peonies and bobbaloos

On the first day of this gloriously long weekend (Ascension day) the sun shone generously. A perfect day for inaugurating the applegreen clogs and taking ourselves and a couple of bobbaloos on a toy car outing.

rodney and knut on an outing

Rodney and Knut in the bobbaloos' travel cabin having a front row seat watching the pretty June landscape swooshing by.


The designated destination was the usually lovely Nibble gård (farm & café). But as soon as we stepped out of the car there we were assaulted my mosquitoes. As unluck would have it mosquitoes apparently invaded the place same time every year. So what should have been a pleasant fika and outing was cut rather abruptly short since it was impossible to stand the constant mosquito bites. Tea and a nice rhubarb pie was hastily gobbled down. Will be back, later in the season.

knut and horses

On our way home we stopped and looked at some lovely horses. Knut was a very excited blue bobbaloo.


But Rodney, known for his sweet tooth, was very disappointed about the 'havrebollar' (oatsballs, playing in the same sweet league as the call-them-whatever-you-like-balls) - being sold at the same place by the road for 30 plus years now - being sold out for the day. Don't you worry, little ursabob, we'll return. And strawberries are really very nice too, you should try ours.

Apart from the now smallish hellish itching of mosquito bites I think it was an overall rather nice start of one gloriously long weekend. Toodle-oo ~


Unknown said...

Great looking Peonies. Have you tried the fernleaf variety? Smaller plant and flowers. Always nice to go for a ride on these first sunny June days!

Elephant's Child said...

Big smiles. Thanks.

pärlbesatt said...

Vilka helt fantastiska pioner! (Spioner, som min yngsta trodde det hette. :D)

Önskar jag också gick att stuva ner i liten resväska och följa med på finfika som jag dessvärre inte längre får njuta av, med alla jädra allergier... :(

P.K said...

Mosquitos are quite pesky. Later in the season we have yellow jackets attacking us outside, it is impossible to eat in peace. As to the vegetarian options in BA, there a quite few vegetarian restaurants, and most places have meat free options. There are many pizza, empanada places with meat free choices and one can get pasta dishes almost everywhere. I am glad you like the OPI colour. Enjoy your weekend!! Hurray for June!

pärlbesatt said...

Underbar färgkombo på den första bilden förresten.

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