Wednesday, June 08, 2011

the deadly dress and other short thoughts


:: This may look like a pretty and flattering for any shape dress - but labels that say "100% polyester" and "keep away from flame" are rather off-putting somehow.


:: When we visited what turned out to be the overblown-king's-meadow-lilies-field a few weeks back we passed this place for sale. I'm not really sure what made me want it. I think it was a combination of, how wonderful it would be to live in a forest with a large garden but with a bus-stop right outside the surrounding lilacs hedge. Not too far from neighbours but they're still not visible from your own plot. The hermit life but still not really. The size of the house is nice, even if it doesn't look fancy I was indeed smitten. I viewed the interior on the web, it was quite lovely and unpretentious.

Not at all a dream-house as such, and I'm not sure I'd like to live a country-life where you quite possibly wouldn't be able to live as 'anonymously' as you can do in a city/suburb. Who knows how often the bus runs, it was a plot honestly situated too close to an (what I presume is an unbusy, but still) road and being stuck in the forest during fierce Scandinavian snowfalls may not be fun. And the financial bit, plus the selling of current dwellings, moving etc etc.

Still, it looked very appealing. Tucked away in the forest, behind a lilacs hedge with its large garden.

pink dotty pigs

:: Next to my dentist's office the newly open gift shop has painted the dull cement road-sows pink with white dots. A little paint, some dots equal smiley face.

:: Note to self: to get a new kind of dog food just because the old one wasn't available is bad for the environment. The indoors one. The flatulence tendencies in one little loaf can obviously reach new heights of interestingness. If you could bottle it as engine fuel I'd be a billionaire.

:: Will not write about bobbaloos, will not write about bobbaloos, will not...

innocent lunch

:: Had this Innocent smoothie for the second time (as lunch) the other week. I don't know what has taken me so long to get around try it (may be that it seems scarcely available...). Think the blueberry-pomegranate-acai might be a runner-up to my mango-passionfruit favourite.


:: I've probably mention this before - yes I have - but every time I spot one of these cuties I feel it would be a most pleasant thing to have to get around on. Now and then.


:: I'm also in serious lust after these nifty, beautiful, perky garden LED lights. But as only one would look silly (and alone) at least two would be a must, though three is even better (and magic). I'm also thinking that the LED flowers are prettier with longer stems instead of the shortest ones. And hey, then it'll be a pretty expensive delight, albeit beautiful.


Can you imagine how cool it would be to have this old boat in your garden - and not be afraid of it to sink and you drowning - and have it as a philosophising / entertaining / creative summer room? I can.

:: The nature and we had a few spurts of rain today. It was wonderful - although during it all and still, the air remained as humid as ever - and brought out lots of snails in garden again. At the snails' garden party I found, what I presume, just might be the li'l fella from yesterday's picaroon meet. Still as sweet. And a living proof of how in mysterious ways nature moves ~



rino said...

å tänk om man skulle gå ut och måla cementbumpar... det är alltför sällan man får anledning att le av saker man ser på stan

heidikins said...

Um, I'm in-love with those cement parking-lot thingies. Fabulous! And I have a crush on both the dress (but I agree on the polyester ick factor) and the house.


julochka said...

i. want. that. boat.

Elephant's Child said...

I want that house with its lilac hedge. Sigh. And I sympathise bigtime with the flatulence issues - one of our cats could strip paint. Lovely post. Thank you.

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