Sunday, June 05, 2011

sunday musings

country road and bobbaloos

The long glorious weekend is not really over yet, today may be Sunday for most, but since tomorrow is a public holiday (being Sweden's National Day) I think we can call this Saturdayish evening. But still, what seemed like a close to endless weekend only a few days ago is now singing on its last tune. Alas, all good things must (but why) come to an end.

Here are some things that have wandered through my mind these past few relaxing days -

:: That temperatures suddenly rose to around +30C being only early June still, that's not something I appreciate. I really try not to be that average tiresome weather whining Swede, but phew, this hot, this early in the season? Not my cup of tea.

wiklunds garden

:: Every day of this long weekend have been spent in different most pleasing garden surroundings. I may not have green fingers myself, but gardens really are a comfort for the soul. I wish I had more patience and talent for gardening. Or a willingness to get dirty and muddy in the way that only gardeners do. It seems liberating somehow, but perhaps not very me.

växplats nybyn

Tomorrow will be spent in own garden only. Weeding and fertilizing (with a Scottish anabolic organic kind of fertilizer we got today. Worthy a post of its own to come). I'm also planning to bake a cake. Not that I'll celebrate our National Day, as I see no particular reason to do that anymore, but a cake is a cake is a cake any day. And a befitting way to round off to a lovely weekend.

:: My sore thumb from last Autumn is acting up again. I suppose it has something to do with too much crocheting and possibly iPhoneing. I should probably always remember to not be so completely absorbed with the yarny stuff, crochet for much shorter periods, stretch and rest the joints more. But darn, that's difficult.

:: I'm now a happy crocheter of Pippi kettle-holders. I'm thinking they'll be awesome when finished! Easy to make, but very pleasing to the eye. Can only crochet a wee bit, then rest. Must remember to restrain and not strain myself. Must. Remember.

:: Today a couple of bobbaloos swooned at the sight of Drottningholm palace. I was seriously worried we needed a long talk about republicanism. No house-sharer of mine should advocate the utter inanity of monarchy. But I was soon assured by Kit that all bobbaloos are democrats at heart, it's just that they appreciate good architecture. Hooray, I say, they've certainly come to settle in the right house of castle buffery! Just another reason to adore them even more.

rodney and chubs admiring the castle

I promptly showed them a smaller, homely castle and luckily they were just excited, admiring and no swoony tendencies were shown.

:: If I can't do the yarn thing as I'm used to these days, perhaps it's the right time to finish some long-since-planned projects with the sewing machine? It would be nice to actually finish something that I can wear this summer.

:: I have not been completely able to not think of the week to come, I'm hoping it will be good and decent news of new beginnings. And not the other kind. But still, I'm the worrying kind. I just am. But to just babble things through is often very helpful to sort things out, to have a strategy to deal with what may or may not be to worry about. I have done that good babbling this weekend too.

violeta dome

:: I've now wore the pretty violet-purple shoes a few times and have to say that they are absolutely awesome. The tad higher heels than I'm generally wearing are very comfortable and I love how sweet and kind of embracing of feet that style of higher back of heel is. Yes, I am contemplating the niceness of second pair in another colour combination would be. One can dream of spectacles and shoes alike.

taky away

:: There are certain times you just can not be a charitable language police, a forgiving member of the spelling squad. Times when a sensible orthography heart cries loudly in pain at the sight of certain signs.

Now I'm off to treat myself to a home spa of mud mask, moisture mask and a cup of tea. A perfect way to end a Saturdayish evening in style me thinks.


Melanie said...

It's funny because I too, love gardens and gardening, but my "throw-off" is the bugs. I can't handle insects crawling on me, or even touching them.. so that keeps me from doing more. I'm much better with indoor plants, haha.

The Love House said...

always love your blog :)

pärlbesatt said...

Vad bra att du påminde mig om att språkpolisa! Lidl skrev nåt om att ta tillvara på i sin reklam och jag smådog. Måste mejla dem.

Och tack för Snuskungens villa! :) Och vackra bilder och ord. Krya på tummen!

Åsa said...

Vilka underbara utflykter du gör hela tiden! Det är faktiskt den största anledningen till att jag önskar att jag hade en bil! Cyklar alltid men Det är både svettigt och ett helt dagsverke att bara komma till Aspen (tar 15 min med pendeln). Men en vacker vacker dag...

Och det där slottet på bilden - är det där julkalendern spelades in? Tycker det känns välbekant och jag skulle lätt kunna tänka mig bo där ;)

Skorna är till och med ännu snyggare på foten än på bilden av den (på deras hemsida).
Jag håller tummar och tår för dig att goda nyheter ska komma din väg!

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