Wednesday, June 01, 2011

earth lovers etc.


This week so far, apart from the greatest of meetings yesterday, have been a seriously annoying waste of my time -

the kind were one is 'forced' to spend time at an office were people are too stressed and occupied with there own tasks they neither really listen to what one say/ask for nor give one enough work to feel it's a productive use of one's time to spend the day in that office. Oh, I can think of a gazillion more useful ways to spend one's days.

And no, it isn't a place, a situation were I can take initiatives and come up with decent tasks myself. Now what initially was intended to come from that "one of my best meetings ever" feels quite strained and rather awkward. Which is a pity, since it showed so much promise. The blend of Swedish labour market politics, unwieldy, bureaucratic exercise of public authority, projects that weren't steered right from the very beginning, committed people with good intentions gone jaded along the way. And the same people being of very, very different personalities and operation mode causing frequent frictions. All that have caused the lopsidedness. Playing a huge part in the roller coaster conundrumness and the root-fillingness saga 

in that disrespectful way I absolutely loath. Thus I'm very happy to know that now, Wednesday evening, there's a long, long glorious weekend to look forward to, with Monday June 6 being Sweden's national day (something which I once would have liked to seen celebrated more, these days I actually couldn't care less, what good and decent Swedishness is there to celebrate anymore, that I do not know). Five days all mine mine and mine alone.

I'm seeing good weather, good naps (last time I had a really good night's sleep was close to eons ago), nice outings, yarn activity and bobbaloo adventures. Perhaps a dash of painting and possibly some cleaning of house and clearing of garden (as boring as those two latter activities are they do have a tendency to relax the mind from nagging thoughts).

And, during the weekend I also plan to make good, pampering use of the sweet scented, cleansing, uplifting, moisturizing Body Shop goodness in the photo above. I picked them up for a happy 50% off in the taxfree shop on the boat to Åland a couple of weeks ago. So far I'm loving the biodegradable shower gel with yummy scent of apricot and basil (and its name, earth lovers, is a nice one). I'm hoping the scrub will be as good as it smells and that the generally praised body butter will suit my skin type.

Yes, this is what I plan and hope for on this gloriously long, long weekend already here. And for those who are not blessed with that long weekend already here I say

Happy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, weekend and Monday, I hope you get to spend those days in either a positive, productive or wonderfully, relaxing way ~

may sweden


Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful restorative long weekend. Body shop products are wonderful and I find that they soothe the frazzled mind as well as the body.

Erica said...

Happy long weekend! I hope it is filled with the kinds of days that wash all woes away.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

A long weekend? I'm jealous! Enjoy it! :)

Unknown said...

Chin up, dear... Five days can do a world of good for you and for the dreadful others as well. And, I have it on good authority that there will be pebbles from California very.very.soon. So there's at least that to look forward to? :)

Fuzzy Tales said...

I hope your long weekend rejuvenates you in mind, body and spirit! The lovely Body Shop products will help a bit with that, I think. :-)


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