Monday, June 06, 2011

on june 6th 2011


As mentioned before, today is Sweden's national day (nationaldag). A day which I personally can't see any point in celebrating these days. Since, to semi-quote Shakespeare, there are too many things rotten in the state of Sweden. Sadly.

Even though, of course, we can be grateful for having escaped wars, dictators, starvation in modern times. But with a country having avoided just those of humanity's torments one would think that country should have made better use of those blessings. Instead it's as willing as any country to throw away so many resources, misspend finances, praise and give to the ones that already have while mistreating the lesser fortunate, devastate nature and abuse animals. With not the least bit self-perception or -criticism. Most every day is a reminder of so much potential lost. So for those reasons I feel it's quite pointless to celebrate any Swedishness.

But for an extra day off I was happy. A day that turned out to be a gloriously sunny one, tad too hot perhaps (will not whine, will not whine), managed to get some weeding and gardening done followed by cream pastries. Swedish flag cream pastries. Like Princess cakes, but with the marzipan topping in flag shape instead. They were lovely.

The bobbaloos thought it was an excellent day to celebrate their Swedish settlement - and who am I to say no to 13 adorable wee bobs? So they feasted, they partied and seemed pretty pleased with this day, June 6. Which from now on quite possibly will be celebrated as The Swedish Bobbaloo Settlement's Day instead of some silly National Day. Now that is something that's truly smiley-happy celebrate-worthy as far as I'm concerned.

Hooray ~



Lola Nova said...

Oh yes, happy bobbaloos indeed! We had a bit of a heatwave this weekend as well, took me by surprise.

While there were many nice things in your previous post, I forgot them all when I spied those heavenly shoes! Beautiful!

Fuzzy Tales said...

For those sweets alone, I'd be celebrating. :-)

Pia, human ego is human ego and never will change, IMO. Power will corrupt, even when people go into politics with the best of intentions. And I think the few who have integrity are absolutely bogged down by the weight of bureaucracy, strangled by the "good old boys club" and all the petty circles of said "power."

But I'd rather think of your pastries--that's a much cheerier topic. LOL.


Unknown said...

Celebrate your country despite its foibles . You can rue things occasionally the other 364 days of the year .
Have a good time .

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