Monday, June 20, 2011

monday musings

One good thing about the pitiful day Monday, a day with few benefits for most of us, is that you can name your blogpost "Monday musings". No other day has quite that ring to it. So thank you Monday for that.

:: Enjoyed a very nice pampering couple of hours at the hairdresser today. Another good Monday feature (at least this week).

:: I then met a good friend (not that I really care about such things, but we think of ourselves as star sisters since we're born on the same year and in the same star sign, it's not that often you meet those people, it feel special) for coffee. I never really get around to selling those clothes I've finally closet cleansed these days, so when she said she'd have a look at some I took some garments with me. She bought some and I was happy the clothes will have a better home with her than me. Plus money in rather than out is always nice.

:: When I was packing the clothes to bring I decided to use an old bag I hadn't used (I'm ashamed to admit, but...) for four years. The lovely Nelson Mandela bag I got in Cape Town that year. When I opened it I found a pair of sunglasses that has been lost for those four years. The most expensive sunglasses I've ever bought and ever will buy -

the best sunglasses I've ever had was a pair of £1 from McDonald's (a place I very, very, rarely visit, just so we're clear about that); they looked fab, they protected my eyes perfectly from the sun and they lasted for many years. To pay a ridiculous amount of money for sunglasses is just plain silly as far as I'm concerned. They don't protect your eyes more, they scratch and get lost just as easily as a cheaper version -

I've looked for them on and off for quite some time obviously. And then, when you least expect it apparently... The black spectacle case was hardly visible against the dark fabric lining of the bag, so I must have overlooked it when I unpacked. The silliest thing. I may have to start using contact lenses now and again, just to be able to use these sunglasses for a change.

:: Which leads me into the next musing. The fact that I last week did order another pair of glasses - not the bobbaloo cow-pattern ones, but a beige/dotty similar pair - plus a pair of prescription sunglasses. The latter did have a touch of (no mad) cow about them, sidepieces are cow-patterned plus also inside the frames.

I couldn't find any supersized frames I prefer when it comes to sunglasses, so in the end I chose from three very different ones. The other two looked great as ordinary glasses, but I think they'd be too small to be really sun-protective. The optician thought the ones I eventually chose were too large. Which was a comment that finally lead me to chose them. I like too large in sunglasses.

I'm hoping they'll be ready to pick up before the end of this week, but I'll probably get them next week. Hooray, finally I can wear my transformer goggles even if it's sunny outside.

:: When I browsed the sales I spotted (no pun intended. Well perhaps tad) a cardigan who matched the new glasses, pinkish beige with white dots. I surprised myself with being very prudent and thinking that it wasn't the kind of cardigan to fly of the hangers and I could wait for the final sales. Small step for mankind, big step for Pia. But I still think every gal should have at least one cardigan that matches her spectacle frames.

:: I know there are ways to donate your old glasses to organisations that forward them to people in need. Still haven't found such organisations in Sweden, but surely they exist? Have you donated your old glasses to charity?

:: I'm really tired and annoyed (to say the least) about people so willingly wasting other people's time: Because if you obviously don't have any intention or interest (or enough imagination or think-outside-the-box-iness) to work with someone with my background; do not ask if I'm free for coffee to discuss future collaborations.

If you can't present your own organisation with other than flashy English phrases (unless it is an English-speaking organisation of course) and give a clear picture of what you're actually working with but still insisting that I should tell you where I see myself in the organisation (consisting of two people).

Keep your "advice" on which education I lack to be interesting for you, if you had read the CV or asked beforehand you already would have known that I didn't have that and actually, I have no interest whatsoever to work within that field either.

And finally, come talk with me 10 years down the line when you might have gained some experience and knowledge of hopefully thinking more outside-the-box.

Yes, I did have a stupid waste-of-my-precious-time meeting last week. It's laughable, if it wasn't so annoying. I'm forever grateful for having friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers who talk such matters through with. The input, the affirmation, the good talks, invaluable.

One of these days I will get up and walk out of such meetings. I'm sure I'm not the only person's time they are wasting. The daftness of it all.

:: I've been no less than crap visiting and commenting on blogs lately. Is it the weather, the summer that still makes room for the writing itch, but leave so much less for the reading one?

:: Last week was a very green week. A perky green week. Just looking at this snap makes me happy. This week has so far been too rainy to be that sunny green, but nature loves it. Flourishes. Which also is happiness instigating in another way.

Happy week, rainy week, Monday musings.

shoe per diem june 13, 2011 - very green


Bleufleur said...

I used to work in a optomitrist's office and people would bring in their old glasses to donate. Unfortunately the charity organization who picked up and redistributed the glasses stopped doing that :( We ended up using them for spare parts to fix glasses for people who couldn't afford a brand new pair.

DahnStarr said...

Check to see (pun?) if there is an International Lion's Club in your area. I've given them several pairs of old glasses. They have them repaired, if needed, and then distribute them worldwide.

Unknown said...

I bring mine back where I originally got them - a small town optomotrist . It's part of a network of the profession who do this . Surely there is one in Sweden . If not then you must start your own or initiate it at least . Get those bobbaloos onto that . They are very enterprising .

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