Thursday, June 16, 2011

the bobbaloo saab scania magical mystery tour


Rutger"For your safety, please keep all hands and ears inside the bus at all times. I will now be checking to make sure all of your safety belts are secure before we begin our tour." (these perfect descriptive words I do credit completely to kind blog reader and fellow bobbaloo addict D.S., you know who you are!)

Got an old Scania bus tin from my mother. Perfect for a bobbaloo adventure tour - do note that I'm so so so no fan of Saab cars, never have, never will be, feel free to disagree - this tin bus is delightful. Bus 54 to S:t Eriksplan - a square which happens to be one of my favourite parts of Stockholm - all aboard.


Top floor is full, eight bobbaloos have climbed aboard. The littlest fellas are riding front seat - this is where I always adamantly wanted to sit when I was a kid too. When there was still double-decker buses around in Stockholm, nowadays only our tourist coaches are double-deckers - Leonard and Seth.


First there's a pretty steep downhill. Calvin is as excited as only one Calvin can be.


Really, it is terribly hard to keep all ears inside the bus at all times.


Then it's a slow uphill.


And, endpoint of today's tour. What they spied with their little bobbaloo eyes, for that you have to use your imagination. It was after all, a magical mystery tour galore.


Unknown said...

Oh, I love how the wind and the speed has blown them all backward! looooooove! :)

Elephant's Child said...


Carolyn Lackey said...

That may well be one of the cutest things I ever saw.

pärlbesatt said...


julochka said...

funny younshould say that about saabs. my late father-in-law, a dyed in the wool scanian, could not tolerate volvos. too swedish for him. :-).

looks like your 'bobs had a wild ride!

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