Wednesday, June 29, 2011

building a home - art exhibition


The course in strategic communication I attended in April got me connected to the information manager at Husby Konsthall (art gallery). When exchanging business cards (thank you MOO) he spotted my crafts and invited me to be part of an upcoming art exhibition. Art and crafts on fabric that would then cover a Somalian hut (Somalians playing a big role in that immigrant-dense suburb).

Time passed and I thought that maybe it was simply another fizzle out-thing. Turned out it wasn't and a few weeks ago I was sent a huge piece of linen fabric, not the average piece of paper size I'd imagined. Not the best of sore-hand-times to fill such a large piece with my interpretation of the theme "Building a home"... But I did (with the help of a kind mother that did parts of the attach pieces to fabric), and I thought a lot about it, and my interpretation has changed along the way, not much, but in the details. It was quite a lot of work, I'm reasonably pleased with end result - and it has gotten me to think more about doing embroidery again - had hand not been sore, had I had more time to rummage through by thoughts and my crafty materials stash I would have done more. And different. But this is okey.

I've wanted to use MOO-cards on fabric ever since I saw Lost Star making this creative piece on Flickr - this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So I did.

Granted it is a cute, perky, colourful, no worries piece (the Idyllic Sweden That Was), since my growing up, my influences for building a home, having a home is rather idyllic. Even if I worry, even if things are crap, even if I grump, compared to wars, persecutions, upheavals my life, my home has been overall idyllic, sweet, colourful and inspirational. So I went with that, and wove in glimpses of my family, background, life, sources of inspiration, then and now, what has shaped me, in my personal life and in the big scheme of matters.

Finally handed in my piece today, I only got to see two other pieces of the hut-to-be. Very, very different from mine, and from each other, both cool in their own way. Fascinating how differently we interpret things, a home. Only showing the small piece above now. Perhaps more to come later.

~ If you happen to be in Stockholm between July 2 - 13, 2011 you can see the whole Building a home - exhibition at Husby Konsthall. It opens on Saturday, July 2, (noon until 8 pm) with food and festivities. ~ 


Becky said...

can't wait to see it all

Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, *congratulations*! This is fantastic and surely something to celebrate. Well done!

Felis said...

Congratulations, Pia! That is awesome!

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