Monday, June 27, 2011

dotty spectacles joy


The very best about Midsummer might have been that I got to pick up my new glasses plus prescription sunglasses. I love the new dotty glasses, cuteness. The bobbaloos still think I should have gone for the cow patterned ones, but they admit these are rather fancy too.


Jojo and Seth even tried them on, they found them tad too big but swear they gave them X-ray vision superpowers.


The sunglasses are discreetely chequered and even though I would have prefered a slightly different model for them, they are nice and oversized (bee-queen style, just the way I like 'em).


I remember writing something about an installation of old and new Pia-glasses - I couldn't find the really old ones, I have been wearing glasses on and off since late teens, some have been worn to pieces others are still packed in moving boxes in the shed. 10 years and many boxes still unpacked... - here are some.

The ones in the far back are broken, the next two pairs give me headaches since their strength are way off now. But I enjoy the model of the brown frame ones. I've kept them just for fun. Which reminds me, someone said that many Swedish pharmacies have a recycle/charity system for glasses. Will have to check that out.

The other six pairs I still wear. The middle two pairs with slightly less strength than the four front super-power ones (even if you're not a bobbaloo).


Now wouldn't it be lovely to be able to have a pair of red frame glasses (tricky to find the right red hue and model), cat eye-glasses, perhaps some funky green ones and... M thinks I might be developing an addiction deep fondness for glasses, like with certain shoes and bobbaloos. I snort at such remarks. And dream of glasses.

dotty spectacles II


Lola Nova said...

Love your new specs! That is quite the collection you have there.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Those glasses are terrific! I love them, so funky. I don't wear glasses yet, but probably will need some for reading soon enough. LOL. I wonder if they sell terrific frames like that in our stores here.

Elephant's Child said...

Very stylish. And there are many worse addictions about.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Great glasses!

I understand the boxes still being packed. This last move, we found all sorts of boxes in the basement we had never touched from the move before. I got brave and got rid of them. With my luck I threw out something worth a bizillion dollars.

Plenty of new box in the new basement that will probably never be unpacked again!

hypnosis benefits said...

Cool, funky, and chic glasses!

Clipping Path said...

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pärlbesatt said...

Om en vilt främmande nästantonåring rycker dem av dig så vet du att du träffat min yngsta, som är galen i rött med vita prickar. :)

Nu blev jag våldsamt habegärig själv. Vad du ska suktas jämt... :)

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