Tuesday, June 07, 2011

sweet sixteen


Hallo, my name is Pia and I'm (apparently) a bobbaloo addict. Now with that out of the way -

If there ever was a time to contemplate getting not only one (to get lucky number 13 a special friend), but three bobbaloos at the same time it was when 13 (lucky number) + 3 (lucky number too) would become a sweet 16.


Nilla and Georgia (vanilla yellow and peach) and tiny picaroon girl Pippi (which I think is an apt name for a stripey tomboy) have arrived, hooray!

With the heatwave - whine whine whine despite my promise I wouldn't weather whine... Seems I can't help myself today - is making my generally not-a-good-sleep-nights even more sleepless (if possible). And on top of that there's some strange thunderish air. Plus I dipped my crisp white blouse's cord in lunch's tomato sauce. Yes with all that, and some other things not mentioned, putting a damp on my day I was really very happy to see that unmistakeably Kit Lane-package in my letter box when I got home.

Out tumbled three sisters and they were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the settlement (sadly no cake leftovers from yesterday). Especially Seth is overjoyed about now finally having a tiny special friend of his own. 



The tiny trio, Jojo, Leonard and Seth, has now become a quartet lead by deedy Pippi. The boys are in awe of her whims. In the short time she has been here she has already tamed (or so she thinks) a supersized (from bobbaloo point of minuscule view) squirrel.


And met a curious perfect sized baby snail.


And of course, like all bobbaloos,
the trio that became sweet 16
has a fabulastic set of adorable butts.

PS I will try my uttermost to ignore the blog attention-seeking bobs for the rest of the week. Since there are, strangely enough, other things to write blog about... DS


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of them from the back

Elephant's Child said...

There may be other things to blog about, but are there butts as good? Almost certainly not. Love Pippi.

McGillicutty said...

i have bobballoo envy.

Åsa said...

Ja jösses Pia, de är så söta så söta och de små rumporna är bara för goda. Jag förstår varför du har så många och alla är olika men ändå så lika. Det är nog de sötaste små figurer jag sett på länge länge.

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