Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer solstice

shoe per diem june 21, 2011 - mock-orange and yellow

I feel there have been no proper dark nights for many a days now, but apparently it's not summer solstice until today. The lack of dark nights may be one of the reasons for my ongoing tiredness I suppose. I intended to call this 'the tired tuesday post', but 'summer solstice' has a more poetic ring to it. So be it.

Today I picked a wee twig of mock-orange on my way home. One of the loveliest scents I know. I sniffed happily on that wee twig all the way home on train, on bus. Every year I mean to get a shrub of my own. Still haven't.

Lilacs, lilies of the valley, mock-orange - oh summer, you scent intoxicating fleeting season!

I hope you're having a fine kind of summer solstice wherever you are ~


Elephant's Child said...

Winter solstice here. Though one of our friends (not a fan of the cold) welcomes it as a sign that things can only improve. Me - I like winter, the crisp, pared back beauty.

pärlbesatt said...

Jag fick googla, och sålunda lära mig att du menade schersmin, på svenska. Nu måste jag ut och hitta nån också. :)

John Teal said...

Its funny ho the world seems a smaller place when you blog. Yesterday I got confused reading a post about Winter Solstice and thought the poster was out of sync. Then I realised she was in Australia !

Today I read how you are having VERY long days which I guess is because you are further north than me..

Its so easy to think that the world sees everything the same as I do !! Very funny....

If you have time would you like to join a 3 day blog hop this weekend ??

Media Mayhem Blog Hop

Growing Up Gramma said...

We have had so much rain here, that an overly long summer sunshine day sounds WONDERFUL! Hope you get some sleep soon!

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