Thursday, June 09, 2011

a little summer dream of open toe shoes

Sydafrika 2007 492

One might not think so, but something I actually do miss in my shoe collection is wearable open toe-shoes. Lovable clogs in all their comfortable, quirky glory, when it's hot, hot, hot it is nice to have airier feet. Plus showing a bit of perky, painted toenails is always nice. Really nice.

Four years ago I got this pair of red sandals. They were lovely to wear for a couple of summers. Then it was no, no, no, the soles of my feet hurt like hell after walking a day in them. Clearly not the most shock absorbing, anatomically-designed sandals.

So when I spotted that my favourite shoe shop in Stockholm did carry the El Naturalista Iggdrasil sandals. In red. I thought, oh oh, must try, will buy for a part of the tax refund.

Sadly today was a huge try-and-buy-disappointment. Turned out the Velcro tape lock around heel was way too short to fit when a foot was inside shoe. Which is kind of the point of a shoe, when you try on a suitable size it should fit around feet. The sole fit, the size was alright, the Velcro band was too too short. The weirdest thing. Such a flagrant design flaw.

But to be honest, sadly, even if they had fit I don't think I'd want them. They may look cute in photo, but on feet they looked frumpy. I don't like frumpy. I do quirky.

I haven't seen any other pleasing open toes/sandals - and my feet only like El Naturalista to cater for their comfort, and I do as my feet say, since they have to carry me all day - I'd like as I want them with thicker soles and the Iggdrasil is my favourite model for long, carefree city walks.

Still, even if I adore and lust after certain shoes because they are both pleasing to the eye and comfortable to wear I have constant battles with myself over wearing leather shoes. I wish they were all made of recycled leather. Then I wouldn't mind battle as much. 

For now, I will have to continue air my summer feet when I sit down for a rest or a wait I guess. Oh, I'm well aware that this may be a luxury problem, I have plenty of comfortable shoes to wear, but still, those luxury issues too can put a damp on one's hot, humid, summer life.

Care to tell me what your favourite summer foot gear is? And why?


Lost Star said...

After buying and wearing them in last summer, my birkenstocks are my to have and hold summer footwear. I get eczema on my feet so they are perfect for keeping my toes cool.

Maybe try some in red:

or these:

Worth the immediate cost. I have the gizah in tan.

Unknown said...

I like the quirky ...but at my age people think it's eccentric...a polite way of saying "She's crazy!" But I have learned over time that I am the only one I have to please ...and my feet . If my feet are happy so am I . Cute blog !

O Umbră said...

Boots! Boots in summer & boots in winter. Sometimes the same pair.
I have however recently acquired (recently as in last year) a pair of biker boots that are from a man made material and so they don't keep warm and they're perfect for summer. I've adopted the cowgirl look with no regrets!
I don't like wearing sandals because I don't like the sight of my toes, or just toes in generally, though I don't think I have a phobia (at least I stubbornly hope I don't).
Boots make me feel safe :)

Poppy Q said...

I never thought I would love the Birkenstocks, but lately my mind has been changed. I especially love the Tabora style which has adjustable straps and stay on much easier than many of the styles, and manage to make my chubby feet look normal.

I too have trouble finding sandals that both fit and flatter my funny feet.

Good luck with the search Pia.

iaia said...

I have the Iggrasil sandals in brown, and they do fit well on me, but I have a very very skinny and narrow feet.
Maybe you can have a look at camper's website, they have some beautiful open shoe... ( )

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