Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the story of mademoiselle oiseau


I've been ogling this pretty Rörstrand coffee set illustrated by Swedish fashion illustrator and designer Lovisa Burfitt for a while now. I've always really enjoyed her personal, quirky, restless, squidgy way of illustrating.

And at my latest root-filling dentist appointment - which sadly was not to be the last... - this espresso cup and saucer was my treat to poor self. I don't drink espresso, but even if I did it's kind of too pretty to use for such mundane things like drinkable matters. I prefer to enjoy it with eyes only. Cup and saucer is now sitting on the red buffet looking sweet and perfect.


The Mademoiselle Oiseau-set consists of five parts, if you buy them all you apparently get to know the whole story of the eccentric mademoiselle. Myself I'm not really into the mademoiselle herself, but more the cat and the birds depicted. Which possibly makes me look like an eccentric cat and bird lady too. Which doesn't bother me the least bit of course. Add to that eccentric bobbaloo lady and all is well.



Expats Again said...

I am impressed! Whimsical, yet stylish.. They are wonderful!

Growing Up Gramma said...

Don't forget eccentric loaf dog lady! I love the plates!

Elephant's Child said...

Truly lovely and my friend Scarlett looks right at home.

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