Tuesday, June 28, 2011

random snaps with thoughts to match

been far too long, wish i was in...

It's been far too long (2008), oh how I wish I was heading to magical York again sometime soon... Alas, such wishful thinking when limits as usual are set by time and money. And there will be Berlin. I'm grateful for and excited about that. Still, York... England... Scotland...

sausage dog dress

Little kid's dress with sausage dogs, 
oh my, why wasn't that available in grown up size too?

midsummer eve stockholm

The unpeopled Stockholm on Midsummer Eve, almost every shop closed, befuddled tourists only. Liberating and tad eerie at the same time.

the favourite mug that once was

Accidently, obviously, broke one of my favourite tea mugs the other week. I think these large Höganäs mugs (I have them in smaller size too, for not large-cuppa-inclined guests) are of the perfect shape, size and in this case colour, applegreen. No more. And it's not that I don't have plenty of other mugs to have my tea in, plus overcrowded kitchen cupboards, replacing it seems silly - and it looks like they don't even sell them in all those gorgeous colours anymore. The utter. stupidity. of that! - I will however really miss this applegreen perfectness. We've had many good times and the sharing of bad times together over the years.


The awesomeness of clover.
The scent of fresh greenery and the cuteness of pink.


Elephant's Child said...

I too have a kazillion cups/mugs. But if I am only preparing tea for me I only use one. The same one. Always.

Unknown said...

Bury it on it's side half into the ground and it becomes a perfect condo for a toad . It's beauty is not lost and you will have a happy toad .

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