Wednesday, June 22, 2011

busy days

little helper

Two things that will keep me crazy busy (at least it feels like that at the moment) until next Wednesday which is due date for both things.

A) The fine tuning of a final report. Which turned out to be so much more work than anticipated, I learnt only yesterday. I would still grump about the tiresome lack of forward planning and information deficit was I paid a reasonable salary for it. Now I grump about it as a whole. The thing I write about is a disheartening part of the Swedish welfare system gone awry, so the actual subject is very interesting on many levels. But in this shape and form, annoying and heartbreaking only. I will be relieved when it's finished.

On the plus side, I can work from home. I get a lot more done that way. Despite those eager little furball helpers spreading themselves over everything everywhere.

art project june 2011

B) Just a li'l glimpse of what will hopefully be a presentable piece of textile art. Also due next Wednesday. Turned out the piece of fabric I got was way larger than anticipated, thus it will take more work to finish. With my sore hand/thumb that feels less a joy than it normally would. But it also leaves room for creativity. Plus the artsy fartsy explanations I've come up for my interpretations of the theme, they amuse me.

I am tad stressed about this - especially since it's the long Midsummer weekend and one is supposed to relax and not work... - but in a way it feels good to work with to so very different things side by side. One to fuel the leftside of the brain, one for the rightside. I'm sure it will feel very satisfying when it's finished. And, hey, in a couple of weeks, vacation mode only for four glorious summer weeks...

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Elephant's Child said...

Love the fur ball lying on important work (which they always do). Am really impressed with your ability to work both sides of your brain virtually simultaneously. And hope your thumb improves quickly.

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