Sunday, August 10, 2014

meet the spokescat for remote control coma

the remote control coma

When you're feeling poorly even lifting and operating the remote control is hard labour. Then for this task one has (if lucky) cats. This one, a Prosit sister, has been very helpful during these poorly days of nasty cold in the middle of the summer heat. Alas all that lifting and operating the TV and HD remotes has left her all exhausted.

the remote control coma

This is what they call remote control coma. And behold the perfect spokescat for the affection. It's supposedly a temporary state, so as I'm feeling slightly better now (being able to take control over the remote) she can go back to doing what she any cat does best, namely sleep. And I'm sure she'll be her usual self soon.

As will I. Still in a state of cold, but definitely feeling on the right track back to the state of myself. Also feeling rather animated over the week to come. Eager for and expectant about good news and fresh projects. And look tonight there's a beautiful full moon, that's such a gorgeous and promising way to start a new week with, wouldn't you agree?

Have a lovely one ~

the full moon, the sun and the dragonfly

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