Tuesday, August 19, 2014

organic hand cream etc


I, or rather my hands, enjoy a good hand lotion. But admittedly most likely I don't use it as often as I should for best caring soft result. On the other hand, equally likely, I probably use it more often than people in general.

These two bottles of hand cream and hand & nail cream with arnica I got as a gift a while back. Used it a couple of times, it's quite enjoyable and the scent is lovely. Organic ingredients and paraben free. I'm sure it'll be a good hand companion come the cold, dry winter months. Never been a fan of Yves Rocher in general, which I suspect has not so much to do with the quality of the products but more of what I've felt over the years is the brand's frumpiness. Would you agree or disagree on that opinion?

Talking about skincare and winter skin I've come to realise during the summer months that the Kiehl's skin rescuer (updated blog post now) that really didn't work for my dry winter face has been really wonderful to my summer face. And perfect as a base to the bare minerals original foundation which has been such a hit. Different seasons and different weathers apparently call for different skin regimes, something that hasn't been obvious to me, until now.

How's your relationship with hand creams?
Do you have a favourite?

And do your skin calls for different skin regimes depending on season/weather?
If so, what's your favourite summer resp winter product?

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