Tuesday, August 05, 2014

5 things to refill your happy account


It seems like the world is acting up worse than ever at this moment in time. Although I adamantly hold on to the no newspapers, no TV- or radio news it is with a Twitter feed impossible not to notice the ongoing atrocities in Gaza right now - and with the Auschwitz visit very fresh in my mind that is even more, if possible, ungraspable. Mankind keep forgetting history or chose not to learn from it - fanatism seemingly growing, thriving everywhere in the world. Environmental calamities. Violence. Towards sentient beings, towards fellow humans. Come on Weltschmerz, enough now!

As I can't allow myself to dive down into that well of despair over human evil, I have to focus on good things, they may be silly things, but good laughs and inspiration is a must, a survival thing really. And animals. Animals always make the horrible seem a little less horrible somewhat bearable. I wish more of us could see that. Stop eating animal flesh is a good start for a less violent world, if you ask me. Lots of carrots and a regular cake makes for a kinder body and mind. And healthier. Promise.

That said, here I give you five things that have truly refilled my happy account lately -

:: The majestic beauty of wild animals - wow, just wow... 

:: Bear saves crow from drowning - yes really

:: Dogs who learned the hard way not to eat bees - no laughing matter, yet still...

:: Couple take a newborn photoshoot with their doghilarious and oh, the patience in that dog, precious

:: There is so much awesome in this cover version of Happy

Now go hug someone well deserving. Now. Right now.

the daily weather cat


Aimz said...

I read the story about the bear and the crow - amazing and heartwarming!

Poppy Q said...

LOve your beautiful kitty photos Miss Pia. It is depressing watching the news each night.

Julie and Poppy Q

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