Sunday, August 03, 2014

the summer cordial club in session

the summer cordial session

I may be an avid drinker of tea and tap water. Add to that fresh fruit/vegetable juices from my own kitchen and special smoothies. But I rarely drink cordials - possibly a hipster one now and then - they're just not my cup of tea. Obviously. Why have cordial when you can have tea?

However a really hot summer can change habits and I do enjoy getting speciality food items from lovely gardens/cafes visited. So behold the summer cordial club of 2014. Inspected and paw approved.

Rhubarb nectar, rhubarb cordial and apple juice from Äppelfabriken
Apple juice from Kullamust
Elderflower cordial from Nibble Gård
Apple juice from Gripsholm castle

Today I enjoyed a big glass of rhubarb cordial (small amount of cordial, lots of water and ice-cubes, just the way I want it, I loath sweet cordials) while I worked. It was de-lovely, refreshing and very Swedish summerish.

What's your number one summer drink of choice?

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Amy said...

yum! I'd like to try some of those :-)

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