Wednesday, August 06, 2014

three grumps with gratitude linings

The cats are very sympathetic regarding the weather. We all agree it does turn our brains a bit mushy. The high humidity doesn't help, 25C would be a pleasing temperature if it wasn't for that. 

The weather report says it should cool down for a few (!) days now. But since weathermen are about as reliable as politicians I wouldn't bet on that information being accurate.

So one day at a time, not being as productive as usual but at least getting the necessary jobs and stuff done. I want my energy back! But I'm grateful for the feline heatwave support.

A freshly made juice is extra lovely in this heat. Today however I put some extra ginger in it since I felt a bit of itch in the throat. Unfortunately it didn't help. There's a distinct sore throat now. A cold will be an extra nasty thing in hot weather, I know. Not the cold I'm looking for at this time. Well at least it was ages since I last suffered from one. And I will be popping ginger chews and make more juice with a massive amount of fresh ginger from here on.

The other day I may have accidently slipped on the keyboard hitting the order shoes-button - yes, such a button exists - and today they arrived. And they were a huge disappointment. The information and pictures told a different story than reality. 

The model is the same as the recent red Camper ones - and they have surprisingly been one of my best summer shoes ever, very very comfortable and airy - but they were suppose to be orange fabric. Instead they turned out to be very cheap looking, not orange but shiny bling fabric. I loath shiny bling things. 

And fabric was only the outer material, the rest was leather. I obviously still buy leather shoes but when I buy something that says material: textile I do expect it to be just that/vegan. Tomorrow I'll return them. 

I'm glad that this rarely is the case when I get shoes online, in fact I think this is the first time. And, well, ahem, I might have my eyes sey on another pair of feet beauties, that might possible be a better buy. Perhaps.

Three personal grumps. I'm glad there are grump objects related matters to be grateful for.

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Aimz said...

We're going through winter at the moment, opposite seasons to you. personally I can't wait for summer. lots of time at the beach.

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