Saturday, August 02, 2014

born this way

toddler i

It may be an age thing (gosh were did all those years go?!), but when I look at old pictures of myself in various ages from very tender up to now (reasonably mature) I think a lot about the things and beings, the life events that shaped me to the one I am today.

It would likely take a while to connect all those dots and highly unlikely that anyone but myself would be interested in that connecting. So for today, a light note on the subject I then, I now. Today's discovery made me smile.

i then, i now

Things have changed and at the same time they have not.

A) I have a lot of hair today, compared to then. But my forehead is apparently still on the rather high side.
B) My left eyebrow has the same uppish "really?" look about it.
C) Not visible in picture is the fact that my toothy smile is pretty much the same, albeit teeth slightly larger. Visible here instead
D) Not visible due to the black/white toddler picture is that I in fact was wearing a pink dress with chequered pink/white trimming and holding a dotty ball then. A gazillion years later those colours and patterns make me joyful still.

Back then I didn't know of the concept Weltschmerz, today I do, but I'm good at easing it with bright and beautiful things. I then, I now and a life in between.

dotty, square, pink, red

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