Wednesday, August 20, 2014

leonard and the donut tower

leonard and the donut tower

When you're a small sized woolly it's a big big world. And a plate with donuts become an edible version of the Leaning tower in Pisa - or in this case, the Leaning tower at Pia's - and rather magical.

With bobbaloos in da house having a fika, having a donut, is never ever just eating something to satisfy a sweet tooth, it's a whole magical experience. If you allow yourself to see it from a bobbaloo point of view. Which I promise is very good for the heart, that is the seeing not the bobbaloo amount of donut eating.

And on the subject of bobbaloos, vegetarian food and sweet things, I hope you haven't forgotten that you can actually get a whole fabulous little book about small sized woollies and their eating adventures? Get your copy of 'food and drink with bobbaloos - vegetarian delights for small sized woollies' right here!

PS Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and something for the sweet tooth DS

leonard and the donut tower

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