Monday, August 04, 2014

ladybug landing strip 2014

ladybug landing strip 2014

A year ago (tomorrow) I sat on a bench in Copenhagen and acted ladybug landing strip. In the Impi dress. Today I wore the same dress, this time on a summer sofa in Sweden and hey, this time there were two ladybugs that landed on me. Surely that must mean twice the good fortune coming my way?

ladybug landing strip 2014

drömkåken cafe

On another hot day the energy was low, but the location and company good.

drömkåken cafe

And there was the prettiest of cakes (nb three cakes for five persons and three bobbaloos)

If things had been different today would also have been the day the best little loaf dog in the whole wide world had turned 11 years old. Here's thinking of you Little Loaf, even if you couldn't be with us we did have cake on your birthday. And ladybugs landed. A good day, a wistful day with memories and matters to be grateful about.


Elephant's Child said...

Hooray for ladybugs. And loving memories of little loaf.

Poppy Q said...

Your dress is awesome - I love that ladybugs love it.

Awww little loaf - we miss your little buddy. Thinking of you.

Julie and Poppy Q

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